X Wash service all areas of Melbourne Victoria. If you need any of our services just contact us on 1300 769 288 and we will come to you.

Car interior cleaning Toorak4WD

Keeping the interior of your car is a time consuming job that often gets neglected. Over time the car builds up grime and dirt and just looks terrible. For this reason we recommend having your car professionally cleaned at regular intervals to ensure the health of yourself and your car. If you are in the Toorak area and are in need of car interior cleaning services then give the experts and X Wash a call on 1300 769 288.

Mobile car detailing Toorak

Regular car detailing is vital for your car especially if it is representing your business. No one likes to look at or step into a messy looking car. For this reason you should give X Wash a call and make an appointment for a mobile car detailing. Especially if you are in the Toorak area. We will come to your vehicle and make it shine again.

Cut and polish Toorak

Our cut and polish services are second to none in the Toorak area. Once you have your vehicle cut and polished by X Wash you will see just how amazing your car could have looked. With over 30 years of experience behind us, we will ensure your vehicle gets nothing but the best treatment available. Call us on 1300 769 288 for more information.

Boat detailing Toorak

Regular boat maintenance is vital for the health of the vessel. Over time your vessel can receive a lot of damage with the elements and it living outdoors. You should ensure you boat gets a regular detailing service to not only make it look good, but keep it in pristine condition. If you are looking for boat detailing services in Toorak then give the experts at X Wash a call on 1300 769 288.

Caravan detailing Toorak

Caravans are often overlooked when it comes to detailing services. Before you take your caravan out again on the open road you should make sure it gets a proper clean done to it to ensure there is no nasty moulds or dirt that could affect your health. Give X Wash a call and we will come to you to ensure your caravan looks amazing again.

Concrete overspray removal Toorak

Concrete overspray is quite a common occurrence especially around construction zones. Once your car has been hit with concrete overspray it can be very hard to remove and it looks unsightly. The experts at X Wash are very experienced when it comes to overspray removal. They make sure your car is looking as good if not better than before. Call X Wash today on 1300 769 288.

Vehicle sticker removal Toorak

Vehicle sticker removal can be a tricky task to do if you are not experienced. If the sticker is removed incorrectly then it can leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt and grime and really makes your car look unsightly. Let the experts at X Wash come to you and remove the sticker. After all, they are professionals in this industry.