About Us

X Wash invites you to live an experience that will delight you in witnessing your vehicle transformed into something you will be proud to be seen in, because in detailing and washing, we are committed to attention to detail.

The X Wash mission is to provide a complete professional detail or wash on your vehicle at your doorstep. We don’t offer gimmicks but depend upon old fashioned hard work and results for our business success. X Wash understands that you have better things to do with your time than to wash your vehicle or to wait in queue for someone to wash it for you.

Melbourne's No 1 Mobile Car Wash & Detailing Service

X Wash is a mobile car washing, car detailing and car cleaning service based in Melbourne. We are currently servicing our valued clients throughout metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding suburbs that include Eastern, South Eastern, Western, Northern, Bayside & Mornington Peninsula. If you're unsure if X Wash services your suburb, township, city, shire, area or postcode, please just give us a phone call or send us an email.

At X Wash, we not only wash and clean cars, but we also wash, clean and detail motorcycles, trucks, earthmoving equipment, boats, trailers, campervans, and even small planes. With a simple phone call orclick of the mouse you get a professional detail or wash at the time and place of your choosing and at your convenience...X Wash comes to you!

Whether you need a wash or a detail for your vehicle &, whether you live in Eastern Melbourne, South Eastern Melbourne, Outer South Eastern Melbourne or Bayside Melbourne suburbs - X Wash will come to you.

We are experts in hand car washing, mobile car washing, vehicle cleaning, vehicle detailing, cut & polish, claybar & polish, aluminium polishing, paint protection, engine wash, truck wash/detail, boat wash/detail, small plane wash/detail, motorbike wash, caravan wash/detail, campervan wash/detail, limousine wash/detail, hand polish, fleet washing, corporate washing, odour elimination, concrete cleaning, concrete overspray removal, paint overspray removal, pet fur removal, sticker/signage removal, specific product or equipment washing, cleaning or detailing. If you're unsure whether X Wash can detail, clean, wash or polish your vehicle, product, surface area or equipment, please just give us a phone call or send us an email.

We come to you anywhere in Melbourne, whether your home, office, factory, warehouse, shop, showroom, service centre, whether private or corporate & fleet vehicle - X Wash will come to you.

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Who We Are

X Wash team have a combined 20 plus years experience in the car detailing industry and know their suds from their soap! Our professional car care products have been carefully selected to deliver optimum results. We use the latest mobile vehicle cleaning technology to meet environmental standards.

Current water usage requirements specify not more than 70lts of water are used for the purpose of washing a standard vehicle by a commercial operator. We at X Wash have been audited at 12lts per standard vehicle wash and are sure to complete a professional clean, wash or detail using far less water and chemicals than if you undertook the job yourself. For special circumstances, we can carry up to 250 litres of water in our van for our detailing work should there be no water available.

From our extensive experience we know how you, as a vehicle owner would expect us to pamper your vehicle as if it's our own. Our service vehicles are fully equipped to meet all your detailing needs and give you the finish that meets your expectations. We are comprehensively insured in respect of all our detailing work & jobs undertaken.

Our Advantages

  • 1. We come to you. The X Wash mission is to provide a complete professional detail or wash on your vehicle at your doorstep.
  • 2. More experienced than the rest. We have been around almost a decade, whereas our competition has only been here 1-3 years.
  • 3. Environmentally friendly. X Wash uses far less water per vehicle than standard car washes and detailers.