X Wash service all areas of Melbourne Victoria. If you need any of our services just contact us on 1300 769 288 and we will come to you.

Car interior cleaning KewCity Link2

X Wash is the leading company in Kew who is known for its outstanding car cleaning services. Car interior detailing is an integral part of car maintenance especially if you need your car for working purposes. A dirty, unhygienic vehicle not only affects the driver and passenger's health it also ruins the reputation of the owners. Keeping your car looking good should be a top priority.

Mobile car detailing Kew

X Wash is the best mobile car detailing service available in Kew. Having your car looking great should be of the highest importance especially if you use your car for business services around Melbourne. Let the expert team at X Wash make your vehicle shine again. Best of all, we come to you. Call us on 1300 769 288 for more information.

Cut and polish Kew

Cut and Polishing is a process that is used to help various paint defects. Cutting and polishing will remove the scratches and marks from your paint before restoring the gloss structure and making your car look great again. One of the main areas of Melbourne we service is Kew. Give us a call on 1300 769 288 for more information on our cut and polish services in Kew.

Boat detailing Kew

X Wash not only look after cars and caravans, but boats as well. Keeping your boat looking great and clean is paramount to the vessel’s health. We will make sure you boat is looking unreal again and we will make sure you are proud to be taking it back out on the water with guests. Call us on 1300 769 288 for more information on how we can perform our boat detailing services in Kew or anywhere in Melbourne. Remember, we come to you as well.

Caravan detailing KewBeyond5

Caravans can easily be overlooked as they sit and wait for the next big trip. Before you decide to head out on the road again make sure you get your caravan a proper clean so you know it is in the best condition possible before heading out. A clean Caravan is also paramount to clean health. Call the expert caravan detailing service in Kew on 1300 769 288 for more information.

Concrete overspray removal Kew

We have a special hand process that will gently remove overspray from your vehicle without damaging the paint on the outside. Having concrete or any other type of overspray can be devastating at 1st notice but it can be repaired. Let the experts at X Wash come to you and remove the concrete overspray. Call us on 1300 769 288 for more information.

Vehicle sticker removal Kew

Vehicle stickers can leave a bad mark on your car once removed. We take the utmost care to ensure this won’t happen by using our years of expertise we will carefully remove the stickers and make sure your car is looking as good as it was originally. One of the main areas we perform our sticker removal services is Kew. Call us on 1300 769 288 for more information.