Mobile Car Detailing in Doncaster

When it comes to mobile car detailing in Doncaster no one can beat the services of X Wash. Our specialisation lies in the field of car detailing services. We perform our tasks, keeping in mind our customers’ satisfaction. Our mobile car detailing package includes things like contaminants removal, cleaning different parts of the vehicle, shining exterior plastic and rubbers, and polishing – all at our customer’s desired location.

If you need any of our services, just contact us on 1300 769 288 and we will come to you.

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A range of mobile detailing services

Aside from car detailing, our mobile team also offer a range of additional services. These include:

Cut or clay and polishIMG_0835

This service includes correction and modification of minor paint imperfection and oxidation. It gives your car a brand new look in which you will be proud to be seen. Our workers are efficient in handling all sorts of vehicles and our prices are very reasonable.

Boat detailing

X Wash cleaning services also include boat detailing services that minutely cleanses and shines the boat. When it comes to cleaning X Wash covers vehicles ranging from boats to bulldozers. A regular boat detailing results in a healthy vessel.

Caravan detailing

Our team is very experienced in caravan detailing and really put a lot of emphasis on our task to make sure your caravan/campervan is looking as good as it possibly can. Our clients can enjoy our services at their door step.

Concrete overspray removalIMG_0266

Skills and aptness are needed to successfully execute the operation of concrete overspray removal. X Wash performs the task of removing concrete stains with perfection and leaves no stains afterwards. Our twenty years of practice in this field has gained us the excellence that is required to make each and every operation successful. We assure our clients that only the overspray contaminant will be removed without affecting the clear coat.

Vehicle sticker removal

Vehicles stickers are generally for temporary use. After a certain period of time it has to be replaced. The method of removing stickers is not as easy as attaching it to the car. It needs special skills to be removed without any staining or damage. At X Wash we guarantee you that we will remove your vehicle sticker without leaving any stains on it.

Contact us for mobile car detailing services throughout Doncaster

If you’re ready add some new life to your car’s interior and exterior, simply give us a call on 1300 769 288 and we’ll come to you. We provide our services throughout Doncaster and in surrounding areas such as Ringwood and Camberwell.