X Wash service all areas of Melbourne Victoria. If you need any of our services just contact us on 1300 769 288 and we will come to you.

Car interior cleaning Dandenong

X Wash is the name in the vehicle detailing industry that is second to none in the city of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs such as Dandenong. We have been successfully working on providing car washing and detailing services for more than twenty years now and still we keep on updating ourselves to improvise our work and efficiency. Car detailing is an absolute requirement for every car owner as a part of regular maintenance especially if your car is going to be seen and noticed on the roads. Our car interior detailing package covers a wide area of cleaning, like interior vacuum, steam cleaning of seats and carpets, window cleaning, roof lining spot cleaning, removing odours etc. We strongly believe that your car deserves the best and that is why we only provide the best to our esteemed customers.

Mobile car detailing DandenongFerarri3

Car detailing service is a part of regular car maintenance that is often avoided due to the shortage of time, but ignoring car maintenance can cost you more than you can imagine. To ease your car maintenance routine X Wash gives you a mobile car detailing service in Dandenong that not only saves your time but also gives you the opportunity to witness the vehicle's transformation after the cleaning procedure. Our detailers are trained and efficient in handling every type of vehicle when it comes to detailing them. We are open seven days a week from 8am to 6pm. To enjoy our superior services do not forget to contact us at 1300 769 288.

Cut and polish Dandenong

X Wash brings you one of the best cut and polish services for your vehicle in Dandenong. Cut and polish service corrects small paint flaws and polishing adds a brand new look of the car. It adds a shine to your car that is sure to attract many eyes. We charge at a very affordable rate and we will also come to you to perform the cut and polish service.

Boat detailing Dandenong

Boat detailing is an essential task to keep your boat protected from heat oil and wind. The continuous exposure to sun, salt and other natural elements often damage the gel coat and metal structure of the boat. X Wash boat detailing service in Dandenong provides a complete protection from all these weather effects. Boat detailing thoroughly polishes the metal surface and removes corrosion. Our workers leave no stones unturned to thoroughly clean it. To get in touch with us please call 1300 769 288.

Caravan detailing Dandenongcaravan

Caravan detailing gives you caravan a refreshed look which increases its value and lifespan. X Wash has expertise in the art of caravan detailing. We use modern cleaning methods to ensure a 100% cleaned caravan. Cleaning, stain removing, fabric protection and polishing are all steps that are taken to perform the task properly. We strongly believe that Caravans are supposed to be clean to ensure that the travelling experience remains comfortable. To know more about our services and its prices contact us at 1300 769 288.

Concrete overspray removal Dandenong

Concrete overspray leaves ugly stains on your car, but removing these stains can be a challenging task. One of the areas we service with our concrete overspray removal services is Dandenong. Overspray often affects the paint of your car. So if you need a flawless concrete overspray removal services then no one can be better than X Wash. We at X Wash carefully omit the concrete stains keeping the paint intact and making sure your vehicle looks like it did before.

Vehicle sticker removal Dandenong

Vehicle stickers are often used to serve a particular purpose. Sometimes it is only attached to decorate the car or vehicle but when it comes time to remove them it can be a difficult task. Removing stickers can be a difficult job if you do not wish to affect the look of the vehicle. Luckily X Wash have years of experience removing stickers from vehicles without damage or noticeable signs. We are a professional detailer eliminating vehicle stickers in Dandenong carefully which never leaves a single spot on the vehicle surface.